The Pirate's Bar

Since divers are a social group of people, and being social is thirsty work, divers sometimes find themselves at the bar after a long day of diving! And nothing says Caribbean vacation like a palapa bar. It doesn't matter if you prefer a diet soda, or one of our high octane rum beverages, the Pirate's Bar is the best place to gather to tell fables and stories of the days adventures.

One word of caution! Spending too much time in the Pirate's Bar could lead to a major career change! Do you seriously think all of us ended up here because of our dedication to climbing the corporate ladder and slaving away at a desk for 18 hours a day?


Summer Sippin' Keel Haul
In a glass filled with ice, mix -

* 1 (or 2, maybe 3) shots of high quality light rum
* 8 Oz ginger ale (diet if you want, but seriously...)
* 1 Oz coconut water

Mix, and enjoy carefully so you don't end up under the boat!!!

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