Top Side Activities

Not everyone wants to dive every second of every day while on vacation! For those that choose not to dive, we can arrange a wide variety of activities that will help you understand why we live on an island.

The Royal Playa resort is bordered by a national park, so some choose to spend a few hours hiking through the dense brush that few people see. You can also spend a couple of hours on a private secluded Cay, or an entire day in busy West End. Just let us know how many people you want near you, we can help you find plenty of activities to help you explore Roatan.

Here are a few ideas to get started.

* Zip line excursions

* All day island tours

* West End Pub Crawl
   (For Professionals ONLY!!!)

* Fly fishing

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* River Rafting (requires overnight stay)

* Helene Tour (includes lunch)

* Mangrove Tours