Guest Bungalows

We designed the Caribbean style bungalows at Royal Playa to be more about peace, quiet, and comfort than maximizing the number of people staying with us.

Every one of our secluded, private, bungalows  have a spectacular view of the Caribbean.  Whether from your room, or along the waterfront, finding a quiet place to sit and watch the sun set is easy to do.
Since we produce our own electricity, with solar cells and a generator for emergency backup, it also means you will not find things like air conditioning, hair dryers in every room, televisions, or anything else that makes a lot of noise! There is Wi-Fi access in the restaurant for those that must be connected.

With a constant sea breeze to keep the bungalows cool, Our guests prefer to focus on the amazing diving available on the east end of Roatan, and leave the A/C, TV, and hair dryers behind.

One of the first things we tell people when they arrive at the resort is "here is not there". What that means is you will not find a convenience store or supermarket just around the corner. In fact, the closest road is several miles away!

Spending a week on a remote area of an island doesn't mean giving up creature comforts though. It just means you will have to to learn how we work around the lack of noise, chaos, and stress that goes along with having convenience stores and supermarkets right next door.


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